260 BA
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Standard Features:

  1. 2 Axes numerical control with USB key for updates
  • Easy and fast storage for up to 100 cutting programs with visualization of all parameters
  1. Graduated plate for miter cutting 0/60° independent from the plans for pieces support
  2. 2 Mechanical devices for vertical clamping of bars
  3. Hydraulic block for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure
  4. Hardened and carburized jaws for strong fixture and moving of full bars
  5. Safety guards front and back
  6. Wide Plans for piece support for a comfortable and practical cutting area
  7. Roller-unit L=1m for bar support
  • Complete coolant equipment of 50 Lt. tank with electro-pump 3ph
  1. Sensor for monitoring blade rotation
  2. Speed moto-variator, electronic version Kw 2,2; 400V
  • 35Lt. Hydraulic oil for hydraulic power-pack
  • Bimetal blade M42 mm 2450x27x0,9, cardboard box + pallet, service wrenches, instruction manual and spare parts list



1 Air/Oil Lubrication System 3lt. 2 elements
2 Digital angle display
3 Laser-line for positioning
4 Hydraulic device for vertical clamping of bars
5 Working LED light
6 Flushing hose
7 Slide for cut pieces

Roller units
Modular roller-unit type “A” : length 1m – width 400 mm – capacity 0,9 t/m
Modular roller-unit type “B” : length 1m – width  400 mm – capacity  0,9 t/m
Plan type “C” for connection  roller-unit type “A” to the machine – width 400 mm

Blade Bimetal M42 mm 2450x27x0,9 (Min. pack. 5 pcs.)


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